Our cars become your car. By becoming a CarShare Atlantic member, you gain access to a fleet of cars that you can reserve at low cost for 30 minutes, an hour, a day or longer, according to your needs. Located in the heart of your neighborhood, the cars are available without delay, 24/7.

Carsharing provides flexibility and freedom at a great price. CarShare Atlantic pays all the costs related to car ownership: purchasing, financing, registration, insurance, repairs, maintenance… and even gas! You do the driving and we take care of the rest.

CarShare Atlantic is for you if you want to:

  • Free yourself from the expense of a primary vehicle
  • Supplement walking, biking or busing
  • Free yourself from the commitment of a second car

Spend less, connect with your community, save the planet.

Getting Started

Follow these simple steps and start enjoying the freedom of carsharing:


  • Join - Register online and complete orientation and we will send you your member number, a key fob and a key tag in the mail.
  • Reserve - Reserve your car online or by phone specifying the dates and time of start and end of your trip. CarShareHFX vehicles can be booked up to a month in advance.
  • Fob in – Unlock your car by laying the key fob over the sensor on the driver side of the windshield. This will identify you in our system, unlock the doors and activate the ignition.
  • Drive! - You can go wherever you like during your reservation – take five minutes to run to the store, or trip to Montreal! Just make sure you’re back to the station where you picked up your car before the end of your reservation. When you’re done, just “fob out” to lock the doors.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below for more details on how to use the service.

Our Cars


Our fleet includes models ranging from Toyota Prius C, Yaris, and Matrix to Nissan Versa, and Mazda 5. They are easily recognized thanks to the old CarShareHFX logo or the new CarShare Atlantic logo on the sides and back of the car.

All of our vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission and have winter tires from December to April (and all-season tires the rest of the year). They are also equipped with a MACPASS so you can enjoy discounts and easier trips when crossing toll bridges and paying for parking at the airport. 

All of our vehicles are non-smoking.


The most frequently asked questions:

• Am I eligible?

To be eligible for an individual subscription, you must be at least 19 years old and hold a valid Nova Scotia driver's license for at least 2 years.

Your driving record needs to be free all of the following infractions: a speeding violation of 40km/hr or more above the limit; more than one at-fault accident; any criminal motor vehicle offences (including DUIs); more than six demerit points; and any 4 minor infractions.  

If you have had your Nova Scotia drivers license for less than 2 years but have more experience in another province, please provide us with proof of this experience.

• Where can I take the cars?

Anywhere! As long as you bring it back at the end of your reservation. Our cars have been as far as Washington DC and Toronto! CarShare Atlantic cars become your car while you have it reserved. Use them for all your car mobility needs.

• Must I pay the $500 to become a member?

No. Here are the three most common ways to become a member:
  • Join CarShare Atlantic by paying a $500 refundable Membership Bond and subscribe to a Value Plan, giving you access to our best hourly rates.
  • Choose our Open Plan, in which case you won’t have to pay the $500 refundable Membership Bond. In that case, you’ll solely have access to Open plan rates.
  • Do you have an Epass or UPass? You are eligible to get our Value Package with our Dynamic Duo offer for only $8 per month, without having to pay the $500 refundable Membership Bond.
  • Do you use transit? CarShare Atlantic members have an exclusive offer once a year in January to get an annual EPass for a discount with our Dynamic Duo offer.

• How to figure out which package is right for me?

Remember you can upgrade your package at any time. That’s why we often recommend to start out with Value Plan or Open Plan, both at $40/year (the second one does not require the $500 refundable Membership Bond). That way, you can experience the service at low risk and if you wish to upgrade to a more advantageous package somewhere along the way , you can always do so.

Each package is tailored to a type of use. A number of variables come into play: the frequency of use, mileage, time of use and the desire to access the long distance rate. For an overview of our packages, click here or call us so we can help you choose the package best suited to your needs.

• Is there good car availability?

Yes! We still suggest you book your car in advance as there may be no vehicles available if you reserve at the very last minute.

• What do I do if something unexpected happens (being late, incident, last minute cancellation)?

If a problem arises, we ask that you contact one of our agents at customer service. He or she will be able to guide you through the right steps. If you see that you are running out of time, don't hesitate to extend your reservation as availability allows through our mobile app.

• Who fuels the car?

Fuelling the car is one of the member's responsibilities. We ask that the car be returned with the fuel tank at least 1/4 full. Simply use the gas card available in each car, as the gas is included in our rates.

• What if I don’t have a Nova Scotia license?

You can apply with a License from another Province, the USA or other countries. For all drivers we must have a copy or copies of your driver's abstract(s) for you covering at least the past three years. Learn more

• Can I take a car in one place and drop it off elsewhere?

CarShare Atlantic vehicles must always return to their departure point. And that's a good thing since most trips begin and end at home. You have your exclusive parking nearby!

• When making a reservation, must I always indicate my return time?

When reserving a vehicle with CarShare Atlantic, the period you wish to reserve must be clearly indicated.

Want to extend your time, no problem - as long as a member hasn’t booked the car. Use our app or call our hotline to make the  change. As our regular rate varies between $2.25 and $5.95 an hour it is generally possible, for a few more dollars, to add some extra time just in case.

• How much time in advance must I reserve to make sure a car is available?

Members can book up to a month in advance however, there is no precise reservation delay that can guarantee availability. That being said, for weekend trips or extended trips, it is recommended to reserve several days or weeks, up to 30 days in advance. This is particularly encouraged for reservations during long weekends and during summer. However, this does not mean that you won't be able to find a vehicle if you reserve at the last minute.  Simply that by planning ahead, you reduce the risk of not being able to book the car you want.


For all other questions, click here

Admission requirements

• What is the minimum age required to subscribe and what type of license is needed?

To be eligible for an individual subscription, you must be at least 19 years old and hold a valid Nova Scotia driver's license for at least 2 years.

• If I have an international driver’s license, am I exempt from having to obtain a Nova Scotia license?

If you do not have a Nova Scotia driver's license and wish to know whether you qualify for our service, please refer yourself to the question “What if I don’t have a Nova Scotia license?” found higher up in our FAQ.

• Is it possible to join CarShare Atlantic with only a probationary license?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

• Is it necessary to have personal automobile insurance in order to use CarShare Atlantic’s vehicles?

No. When you use one of our cars you are automatically covered by CarShare Atlantic's insurance; it is included in our rates. In the case of an accident, your liability is limited to the deductible you select upon signing the Contract, i.e. $0, $250 or $500 per accident. If you pay your CarShare Atlantic bill with a credit card that has rental insurance or collision loss damage insurance, you are eligible to a 0$ deductible for only $25/year.


Subscription and rates

• If I subscribe to your service, will my partner be allowed to drive the vehicle?

No, unless there is an emergency, as stated in our Driver's terms. However, you can easily add them as an Added Driver to the account! You can have up to 6 household members on your account. 



• Are there penalties for cancelling a reservation?

When you cancel at least two hours before the beginning of your reservation, there are no penalties. However 50% of your trip will be charged if you cancel within two hours of its start. The whole trip is charged if the time has started. See our Driver's terms for further details.

• How can I pay my bill?

You will receive an invoice listing all of your trips every month. The balance will automatically be charged to the credit card on your account 3 days after the reception of your invoice. If the card is not under your name, we will need a written authorization from the card holder. Please note that we do not accept Visa Debit or American Express cards.

• How does the anti-theft device work?

All our vehicles are equipped with an anti-theft device. To disable it, use your key FOB.



• What makes and models are available at CarShare Atlantic?

Our fleet includes Toyota Prius C's, Yaris', Matrix's , Nissan Versa's, Mazda 5's and a Dodge Caravan. They are easily recognizable thanks to the old CarShareHFX logo or the new CarShare Atlantic logo, found on the side and back of the cars.

• Do you have non-smoking vehicles?

It is forbidden to smoke in our vehicles.

• Are your vehicles equipped with winter tires?

All of our vehicles have winter tires from December to April and all-season tires the rest of the year.

• Do your cars have automatic or standard transmission?

All of our vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission.


Use of service

• What should I do if I get a ticket during my trip?

Members are responsible for any vehicle-related fine received during a trip, whether it is for a parking or traffic violation. You must pay the fine directly to the agency that issued the ticket, before the due date. If CarShare Atlantic must pay the fine for you, an administrative processing fee of $20 will automatically be added to your invoice, in addition to the cost of the fine.

• What happens if the vehicle I had parked gets a parking ticket or is towed?

When returning a vehicle, during or at the end of a trip, you are responsible for making sure it is parked in its designated space, or in an area with no restrictions. If the vehicle is left in an area having any restrictions and we receive a fine or if the vehicle is towed, you will be fully responsible for the costs related to fines. If we have to pay the fine ourselves, an administrative processing fee of $20 will automatically be added to your invoice, in addition to the cost of the fine and any charges incurred by CarShare Atlantic.

• Can I drive on a toll bridge with a CarShare Atlantic?

Absolutely. All of our vehicles are equipped with a MACPASS so you enjoy discounts and easier trips when crossing toll bridges and paying for parking at the airport. We add the toll charges to your invoice once they have been charged to us. No service fees are required for now, other than the amount charged by the toll bridge administrators. The toll charges may not be invoiced at the same time as your trip, as there are often delays in receiving toll invoices.

• What if I have a flat tire during the transport?

In case of a flat tire, the member must have the damaged tire repaired before returning the vehicle. The resulting expenses, minus an amount of $30 (for the member's share) will be refunded on the member's monthly bill. A service fee of $20 plus staff time is applied if the member leaves the vehicle without taking care of the tire repair. If the Member chooses roadside assistance to install the spare tire, or if they choose to have the vehicle towed, CarShare Atlantic will refund up to 50% of any costs incurred as long as the Member Services authorizes it beforehand.