Parking Guide

Where can I end my FLEX trip?

Members should release a FLEX car at a public location where it can safely stay for 24 hours. There are plenty of options:

Parking signal

On street,
inside the FLEX zone

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Waterfront parking

Halifax and Dartmouth waterfront lots

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FLEX drop off points

FLEX drop off points
designated parking spots

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On street, inside the FLEX zone

All FLEX cars have parking permits so they can be released on street inside the FLEX zone where signage allows it.

Check the map on the app or website to see the boundaries of the zone.

Good signs

All CarShare Atlantic cars are permitted to park at these signs. They’re perfect places for releasing a FLEX car.

The specific times on the signs may vary, but in general you can park at 1-hour, 2-hour, and permit only spots, as well as areas where parking is restricted by one hour or less.

Caution signs

Avoid spots where street cleaning will be happening that night. Usually the other side of the street is OK!


Avoid timed no parking or no stopping signs. FLEX cars must be able to stay where you release them for 24 hours.

Can I park at a meter?

While you can use a meter for a stopover (remember to feed the meter!) you cannot release a FLEX car there.

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Halifax and Dartmouth waterfront lots

Thanks to our partners at Develop NS and Alderney Landing, CarShare Atlantic cars can park for free in these waterfront lots. No pay and display needed!

These lots are indicated as part of the FLEX zone on our map.

logos Halifax and Dartmouth waterfront lots

FLEX drop off points

FLEX drop off points are designated parking spots reserved exclusively for releasing FLEX cars. They’re conveniently located in areas where on-street parking is limited.

These are indicated with signs for FLEX Parking or city signs on-street for Carshare Vehicle Parking Only. Parking icons on our map indicate the locations, and update in real time to show availability.

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