Workplace Solutions

With CarShare Atlantic, you always have the right-sized fleet and can add an unlimited amount of drivers to your account.

Your business or institution will:

  • Save money
  • Enjoy increased accountability
  • Be able hire the best person for the job regardless of whether they have a car.

Plus! Your employees will have the option to not use their personal use vehicles for work and be able to take carshare cars from their home for convenience or increased safety for night meetings!

What’s included?

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Roadside assistance
  • MacPass system
  • Monthly single itemized invoice (your accounting department will love you)
  • And more!

The costs

Every month, your business will receive an invoice detailing vehicle use costs. Gas, insurance and maintenance are included in your plan. Find out more 


(Liberty Basic)*


or $27.50/day


30¢/km after 100km

  • $80/year*
  • $1000 refundable membership bond
  • FLEX at $0.35/min instead of $0.41
  • Acces to cars FLEX at Basic Rates if cheaper
  • Long Distance Rate

Value Plus
(Liberty Plus)*


or $25/day


23¢/km after 100km

  • $200/year*
  • $1000 refundable membership bond
  • FLEX at $0.35/min instead of $0.41
  • Acces to cars FLEX at Basic Rates if cheaper
  • Long Distance Rate

Value Extra
(Liberty Prime)*


or $22.50/day


  • $400/year*
  • $1000 refundable membership bond
  • FLEX at $0.35/min instead of $0.41
  • Acces to cars FLEX at Basic Rates if cheaper
  • Long Distance Rate
  • Workweek Rate

For each driver there is a one-time only non refundable application fee of $35.

*Includes two accounts

Each departement can add an unlimited number of Authorized Drivers to its Drivers List.


See our Rates section to learn more about Long Distance Rate and Workweek Rate


Damage Protection Plan

By default, an amount of one dollar ($) per trip is charged to limit your responsibility to $600 if a vehicle you are in possession of suffers a collision, a loss or other damages. This Damage Protection Fee will be charged whether the damage is considered “at-fault” or not.

Optional: You can reduce your liability by choosing the Damage Protection Plan for $25 per driver, charged annually for all drivers on the account.
Optional: $25 Annual, per driver, all drivers
Reduces the Damage Protection Fee for authorized drivers from $600 to $300.
This Damage Protection option includes all authorized drivers on the workplace drivers list.
This fee can be drawn on by a driver only once in a year. Subsequently the damage fee for that driver returns to $600.


More benefits

Find out more 

Vehicle Access

Choose between a growing fleet of cars, multi passenger vehicles, sedans, and hybrids. Electric cars coming soon!


No need to calculate the price of fuel when planning that trip to New Brunswick. With CarShare Atlantic, gas is included.


Accidents happen. That’s why every Carshare driver gets full collision and comprehensive coverage. Learn more.


CarShare’s Fleet Team cleans the cars regularly – inside and out.

Parking Privileges

Have a meeting downtown? Click here to find out where you can park your CarShare car downtown for free!


No more scrambling for coin for the bridges or parking at the Airport. We have MacPasses in every vehicle – the toll will be on your monthly invoice.

Roadside Assistance

Call our hotline right away if you encounter trouble on the road, and we’ll figure out how to get you on your way.


Membership with CarShare Atlantic offers more than access to vehicles – it includes great perks to save members money and increase quality of life.


Simply to fill out the form and we will get back to you soon.


Organizational Driver Application Form

To add a driver to your account, you will need the Account Number and the Name of the membership you are joining, as well as your driver's license. Fill out the form


Institutions benefit from advantageous offers when becoming members of CarShare Atlantic. Contact us to learn more about carsharing for your institution and to discuss a plan especially designed for your needs!


Become a member


The Province of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie and Nova Scotia Health Authority are all members! If you are a department with any of these institutions, please get in touch via our contact form. Please make sure to indicate the name of the department you wish to add. We will get back to you with all necessary information to complete your registration.

See form below to apply as an added driver to a department with any of these institutions .



Province of Nova Scotia

If you are a department of the Province of Nova Scotia, get more details are on your government intranet.

Click “Standing Offers”, then “Travel and Transportation”, then “Car Sharing”. If your organization is outside the government firewall please contact us using the form page on the “contact” page.



Nova Scotia Health Authority

capitalWe have a standing offer with Nova Scotia Health Authority! If you are a department of Capital Health click here for more information.

Your department is already approved for this mobility option for your employees on Nova Scotia Health Authority business!



Dalhousie University

DAL1Dalhousie sponsors cars on campus as part of our fleet! Any department can join. To find out more information click here.


Add a driver to your account

To add a driver to your account, you will need the Account Number and the Name of the membership you are joining, as well as your driver’s license. Fill out the form

Property Developers

Minimize parking requirements…maximize return on investment! Your residents will love it

Carsharing for your development

The Benefits ROI: Including one carshare vehicle can potentially forgo five parking spots. Considering the average construction cost of one spot in Halifax is about $50,000, that’s about $250,000 saved! Value for residents: By using CarShare Atlantic cars instead of owning a car (or a second one), our members can save more than $500 per month, which can be put toward financing their new home. Design issues: Working with narrow parking lots or encountering difficulty with underground parking construction? Explore carsharing as an efficient solution to these unique challenges. Sustainability: Each CarShare car can replace up to 13 personally owned vehicles. Fewer cars in your community leads to safer roads, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and frees up valuable community space. Receive 1-3 LEED points: LEED recognizes the inclusion of carsharing as part of their green building standard. Including a CarShare Atlantic car might be the easiest way to achieve your next level of certification!

How do I get CarShare Atlantic for my development?

Contacting CarShare Atlantic in the early stages of your project can help make better, more informed decisions about how to incorporate carsharing into your design, budget, marketing and sales strategy. Our team can collaborate with yours on everything from how many parking stalls you can save, to what kind of vehicle you want.  Get in touch with us to discuss how to add CarShare Atlantic to your development. Together, we’ll work out the number of vehicles, the makes and models, provide signage, and sign a letter of support for your development permit. Additionally, our marketing team can collaborate with yours to determine unique resident promotions and the best types of communication. The Process
  1. Get in touch with us. Tell us about your project: the location, the number of units, access to sustainable transportation and other amenities, and time frame. If your development is suitable for carsharing, we will provide a letter of support for your development permit.
  2. Buy vehicles. Together we’ll work out the number of vehicles. We will provide a template agreement, source the vehicles, and provide signage, etc.
  3. Promote. Our marketing teams will work together to come up with possible sale incentives for your prospective buyers and the right promotions for your development.