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We must verify your answers for insurance purposes. If you are from Atlantic Canada we can access your drivers record for you. This can take a few business days.

Licensed in any other province, state or country? Click here for how YOU can get a copy of your record. Your Application will be "on hold" until we have your record.


By submitting your application for a Carshare Atlantic Added Driver Member , you

  1. Certify that everything stated in this application is true to the best of your knowledge.
  2. Authorize Carshare Atlantic, its agents, and insurers to review your driving record and other background information as it shall deem relevant to its approval of your participation in the Carshare Atlantic program.
  3. Understand that this application and all of the above consumer reports will be used to determine your acceptance for membership.
  4. Understand that Carshare Atlantic and its agents and insurers will retain the information provided by you and the review of your driving record, whether your application is approved or not.
  5. Agree to be bound by this application and understand that failure to disclose any violations or accidents will cause automatic rejection of this application or later revocation of your membership.
  6. Acknowledge that you have reviewed the Carshare Atlantic Driver's Agreement and agree to observe and be bound by the terms, including any amendments to the document.
  7. Acknowledge that as an Added Driver your usage and other charges will be the responsibility of the Member to which you are joined, and that the Membership may impose conditions on your use separate from those set out in the Carshare Atlantic Driver's Agreement; and that the Membership has authority to restrict or remove you from its Drivers List and from use on its account of the Carshare Atlantic fleet.
  8. Acknowledge that Carshare Atlantic is not party to any agreement or disagreement between you and the Member.

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