Communauto Atlantic works with many other organizations who are creating a “Car Ownership Free” lifestyle in Halifax. You too, can join our list of Perks! Contact us

Apartments with Communauto Atlantic locations

Our parking locations are sponsored and hosted by Community Partners who care about our city. Find out more

The following Property Managers and Developers have “Communauto Atlantic Onsite ™” partnerships.

If you are looking for a rental or condo with access to our vehicles, check with these companies and locations first! Want one at your complex? Contact us.

Communauto Atlantic On Site Locations

PROMO: Get $40 off any new membership if you live at one of our partner properties!


Free Parking

Want to park for free all over Halifax? Find out where:

Halifax Waterfront pay and display lots, provided by Develop NS
Alderney Landing unmarked spaces
1 hour, 2 hour, and Permit locations on street
Scotia Square Mall, provided by Crombie REIT
Brunswick Place, provided by Crombie REIT.

All of our cars are equipped with the RFID parking card for Crombie REIT locations. Close Wondering where the best places are to release FLEX cars? Check out our FLEX Parking Guide!


Keep carsharing while traveling to or from Halifax. Find out more

Communauto Atlantic members - going to another city? We've got you covered!

Visit the Carsharing Association website to discover participating members. If you see a city where you are going, send us a message via the Contact Form and we will help you get set up.

Visitors! Coming to Halifax or the Maritime Region? CarShare with us!

If you’re a member of a carsharing organization (CSO) you may be eligible to carshare with Communauto Atlantic. Please contact us to confirm that we have a roaming agreement in place with your CSO. Roaming members pay our Open rates. Our member’s agreement and rates and fees provides all the details what is expected and usage fees and other charges.

1. Confirm eligibility.

If you’re at least 19 years of age, hold a valid driver’s licence, and are a member in good standing with your home CSO, then you’re good to go!

2. Complete our registration process.

Register here. When you register with us you are saying you’ll carshare according to Communauto Atlantic’s Terms and pay us directly for your carsharing. There is no annual fee, nor an application fee (savings of $75)!

  • We need to have a credit card on file (through our fully secure registration).
  • We need to have a letter from your home CSO saying you are a member in good standing. Please get your organization to send it to
  • The default program will be our “Open” Plan.
  • If you’re curious about Communauto Atlantic’s insurance coverage, or want to find out how to avoid paying for
  • Damage fees, read our insurance options for individual members.

These apply to roaming members. You can choose an option during registration.

3. Welcome to Communauto Atlantic!

We will send you your welcome package in the mail with your key fob and key tag before you come to visit. If you are being spontaneous, contact us immediately and we can arrange a pick up at our office.