How to use CarShare Atlantic vehicles

A new system to make it easier and more intuitive than ever to use our cars!

Vehicle Auto-mobile de Communauto

Reserve your vehicle online, through our web app, or by phone.


Access with your key FOB

Unlock the doors by applying your Key Fob to the windshield on the driver's side. Red and green LED lights on the reader will alternate while reading your Key Fob.


New indicator light

A green light turns on along with doors opening. If a red light turns on, you might have the wrong car or reservation time. Please note it may take up to 5 seconds for the doors to open when you apply your Key Fob.

Access a vehicle
Car Interior Car Interior

Take the key and drive!

Take the car key in its case, in the glove compartment.


Keep the key during stopovers

Keep the key with you during temporary stops, and use only the car key to lock and unlock the doors.


Before you leave the car

At the end of your trip, put the key back in its case in the glove compartment. Make sure all the cards are in their slots.


Ending your trip

End your trip by using your Key Fob to lock the doors.

End your trip