CarShare Atlantic launches FLEX: one-way carsharing in Halifax

From left to right – Councillor Tim Outhit, Pam Cooley, President CarShare Atlantic, Councillor Shawn Cleary,Benoit Robert, Communauto’s CEO

Halifax, June 22nd, 2017 – CarShare Atlantic is proud to announce that Halifax residents can count on a new mobility service that is easy, flexible and sustainable: CarShare Atlantic FLEX, one-way carsharing.

Progressively during the next weeks, the first group of 20 FLEX cars (Hybrids) will be added to the current fleet of CarShare Atlantic. The new FLEX vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at any location on street within a set geographical area or in special parking locations downtown.

CarShare Atlantic members will be able to locate FLEX cars on the smartphone app or on the website, block it for free for 30 minutes to give them time to reach the vehicle, access with their key fob, use them and then leave them somewhere else, on street or in special parking depots in the operating zone.

The 6.3 km2 “FLEX zone” takes up most of the peninsula. Members will be able to travel in and out of the zone, as long the car is brought back and parked in the zone or at designated drop off parking locations downtown like at Scotia Square. The Flex zone includes the participating Waterfront Development parking lots.

All CarShare Atlantic members are automatically eligible to use this service. New members will be able to join the FLEX service without the need to pay for an annual or monthly membership (a one time fee of 35$ is payable at registration) and use FLEX cars at a price of 0.41$/minute or 12$/hour including 100 km for free.

“We are proud to offer the best of two worlds: a station based carsharing service, perfect for planned trips and FLEX Carsharing: ideal for spontaneous one-way trips around town!” says Pam Cooley, President of CarShare Atlantic.

The launch of this new service is significant. Halifax is joining the select club of cities worldwide that recognizes that the investment of station based and one way carsharing contributes to them achieving their multi modal mobility strategy and environmental goals.

Communauto, pioneer of carsharing services in North America, is the collaborative partner and mentor of CarShare Atlantic in this project. CEO Benoit Robert states, “We are proud to accompany CarShare Atlantic, first in the Maritimes, in the implementation of this new mobility service. This service will make it even more compelling for residents to combine transit, active mobility, taxi and carsharing for their mobility needs. We believe that FLEX will become a very popular option and we count on being able to increase the fleet and operating zone soon”.

Flex project is powered by technology provided by ETL Electronique, a Canadian Company specialized in telemetry for transportation.

About us
CarShare Atlantic, established in 2008, currently operates a fleet of 44 station based and 20 free-floating vehicles in the Halifax Peninsula and Downtown Dartmouth available to more than 1400 members. The company’s mission is to partner with others to increase sustainable mobility options to reduce our dependency on individually or fleet owned vehicles. CarShare Atlantic is part of a network that offers sustainable mobility solutions to a nearly 50,000 in Quebec, Ontario and Paris (France).


Contact: Pam Cooley, President
CarShare Atlantic

Carshare Atlantic makes 19 year olds eligible for a carsharing program and adds another campus location

Halifax, November 7, 2016 – CarShare Atlantic announced today they are focussing on campuses. They are reducing the age of eligibility to join carshare from 20 to 19 years of age, they have started a student carshare program and are adding another location to their campus list.

HRM is a city with six universities and approximately 30K students, many who do not have access to car mobility. “Students often buy old junkers, says Pam Cooley, President of CarShare Atlantic. Now with our new program combining UPasses for public transit and carsharing they can be mobile in a sustainable way.”

Kazi Rahman, President of St. Mary’s Student Union says “In light of this news of dropping the age to 19 years, St. Mary’s University is very excited to announce today they are placing a CarShare car on campus. This will increase the benefit to more of our students.”

Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) have already been major contributors to the growth of carsharing in HRM. Dalhousie has three cars on campus and NSCC was one of the first locations at the IT campus on the peninsula. Rochelle Owen, Director of the Dalhousie Office of Sustainability says carsharing fits with Dalhousie’s sustainability goals. “Using carsharing services at Dalhousie is being financially and ecologically responsible. Studies confirm placing carsharing vehicle removes between 9 and 13 other vehicles from the road.”

Kathleen Reid President of Dalhousie Student Union agrees “We have a lot of students who have asked us for services like this. Our students usually walk, bike and use their UPass, but having a student carshare program that is affordable and ecological makes life that much better.”

This is timely – stats show for more than a decade, young people have been gradually shifting away from the idea that motor vehicle ownership is a necessity. In the 1990s, 76% of people under 30 in the United States said they owned a car; today, that number has dwindled to 69%.

About us

Since 2008 CarShare Atlantic has been providing Halifax citizens with the most affordable and flexible mobility solution: combining carsharing with public transportation, biking and walking. With 1200 members and 44 cars, residents and businesses benefit by maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. We also reduce our city’s dependency on personal or fleet owned vehicles. CarShare Atlantic is part of network that offers sustainable mobility solutions to a nearly 50,000 in Quebec, Ontario and Paris (France).



Contact: Pam Cooley, President

CarShare Atlantic





CarShareHFX becomes CarShare Atlantic and increases its fleet by 30%


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Halifax, January 26 – CarShareHFX is very proud to announce they are facilitating the next step into a greener and more connected than ever sustainable mobile Halifax with the integration of carsharing information into Transit App. Transit App is a mobile application that instantly displays the nearby mobility options and the next departures for public transportation, taxis and now, CarShareHFX
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CarShareHFX announces more cars, more stations and new partners

Halifax, July 28, 2015 – CarShareHFX is proud to announce they are adding ten new, fuel-efficient Prius C vehicles to their fleet making a total of 35 cars. They are collaborating with some old and new partners to have more convenient locations on the peninsula for their members and the vision of greater urban sustainability. “We were bursting at the seams and these cars will fill the demand,” says President Pam Cooley. “We are so thankful for our “Community Partners” that host our parking locations and provide PERKS to our members.”
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