Driver Application Form

If you have any questions during this process, call us at 1-855-981-5077.

Review the CarShare Atlantic Driver Terms. You are applying to enter a contract between yourself and CarShare Atlantic.

Privacy Concerns

We only ask for information we believe will allow us to provide our highest level of service to you. You do have the choice to provide the minimum contact information. However, this may mean we cannot contact you in a timely manner. By omitting personal contact information you accept that this may limit our service to you as a consequence.

Fill out the form completely. Required fields are marked with an ” * ” must have some characters in the field on the application or it will not be accepted by the system. If you wish to leave the field “blank” simply enter “xxx” and go on. At the very minimum, please add your cell phone number if you have one.

Here is the link to out full privacy policy.

Your application fee and other charges will be paid by this Member. The Member may set rules of use for you in addition to those in the Driver’s Agreement, and can at their sole discretion add, suspend or remove drivers from their List.

When we have reviewed and approved your application and driver’s record (1 – 2 business days if your license is from NS, NB, NF, or PEI) we will email you with your next steps to getting your personal CarShare Atlantic Member ID and key fob.