Our Driving Force

Communauto Atlantic is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the communities we work in. We do this through reducing harm to the environment, providing freedom to individuals whose needs are not met through traditional transportation methods, and creating a welcoming workplace.


Studies show that a car-sharing car replaces 10 private cars and that a car sharer travels by car almost 4 times less than their neighbors who own a car. This also means less traffic and fewer parking spaces necessary, freeing up land for other uses.


Shared vehicles make a social impact. We hear from people who struggled to go to the beach or run errands, but after becoming Communauto members their world expanded. They now have access to a shared vehicle at a drastically cheaper price point than owning a car. In 2019 we started our Access-Ability pilot, adding physically accessible vehicles to the shared fleet. And for those who want to join but face a financial barrier we have partnered with CUA to offer financing options.


We are an equal opportunity and inclusive employer. We strive to be a great place to work for all members of the team!

Community Partners


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