Our Driving Force

Our Corporate Social Impact

We envision a vibrant, prosperous and healthy community.

CarShare Atlantic is committed to operating its business responsibly in order to strengthen and facilitate a quality urban “live, work, play” lifestyle. In addition to providing you with access to vehicles, we are also working to protect the environment, support local economy, provide gainful employment and encourage the cultural enrichment of our community.

We cannot do this alone, please scroll down and see our “Community Partners”. Becoming a “Community Partner” means there is a beautiful, intentional, mutual exchange that acknowledges our inter-dependence to a meaningful “live, work, play” lifestyle.

Cleaner Air, Healthier Communities

CarShare Atlantic is dedicated to reducing pollution by taking part in the various transit options offered to Halifax residents. These help you get around without having to commit to resource-intensive private car ownership.

Every shared CarShare Atlantic vehicle decreases the number of cars on the road by approximately 7-10 cars. One less car on the road equals 1 less tonne of harmful greenhouse gas emissions per year. This also means less traffic and fewer parking spaces necessary.

We do not travel the road alone. Our team actively serves and collaborates with others regarding public education and mobilization around improving urban land use and development, providing affordable access to vehicles for all, and motivating residents to walk, cycle and take buses and trains. Unlike our cars (for now), our office does not run on fossil fuels. The CarShare Atlantic office is, proudly, Bullfrog powered.

Local Sourcing

CarShare Atlantic recognizes that where you spend your money affects the economic well-being of the community. All purchases and services will be sought first within our neighbourhood, then within the municipality, the province, the region, and then on a national and international level. We will always procure goods as close to home as possible, provided the standard necessary for us to deliver the best experience to our members.

Social Enrichment

Halifax is not just a place, it is an experience. By supporting local events, we ensure the ongoing social enrichment of our community. Live performaces. Inspiring speakers. Celebrations!

Respectful Employment

CarShare Atlantic aspires to maintain a work environment that fosters kindness, excellence and self-esteem for all team members and the recognition of the interdependence of all things. Maintaining such an environment is the responsibility of every team member. Because of their role, managers and supervisors have the additional responsibility to lead in this manner.

CarShare Atlantic is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical and/or intellectual handicap or financial ability.

Community Partners

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Want to join our team? See jobs offers through Communauto’s website.